Work With Me

Empowering parents and communities to serve children with special needs.

Inclusive Consults

Markeisha Hall, M.A. will help communities, schools, and businesses become more inclusive, to move from awareness to action.

IEP Consults

Markeisha Hall, M.A.  respects and support parents as the leaders and decision-makers of their families empowering  parents to give direction and instruction about their child’s education.

 Let’s Chat

Pick My Brain

Want to bounce some ideas about your child’s needs, activities, strategies that you can use right now? This is the consult for you. I can’t wait to hear about your child.

IEP Review

We will talk about your top 3 concerns regarding your child’s IEP needs and discuss possible solutions. You will also receive checklist to help you at your next IEP.

IEP Check-Up and Recommendations

I will review your current IEP and give recommendations on where it can be improved to best serve your child. With your input we will come up with your parent input letter, and a plan of action for your IEP team members.

IEP Support

Here you will get 3 hours designed to fit your needs. I will chat with you about everything needed to help you achieve your goal. You will then have the remaining hours to utilize for the following types of IEP needs: review of assessments, pre IEP meeting consultation to review parent statement and review parent concerns, development of proposed goals.