I’m Markeisha Hall.

I Help Parents have IEP Success!

Markeisha Hall, M.A. is an Jai Certified Parent Coach, IEP Coach, and Certified Autism Travel Professional. She also is married to her college sweetheart and has 4 beautiful children.

After 11 dedicated years of facilitating over two dozen IEP meetings annually as  a member of the  Early Childhood Assessment Team, Markeisha knew she needed to be a  Special Education Teacher and advocate to help parents be more impactful  members at the table so they can spend more time on what’s truly important…parenting their children.

In 2018, Markeisha became more intimate with this  reality when her family adopted their youngest son. During the adoption process, he was diagnosed with Autism.
Markeisha is now bringing her IEP process mastery and special education expertise into consulting services to help parents take the lead on their students’  educational roadmap, create more inclusive educational and recreational  experiences, and shift from awareness to empowered action. 

“Empowering parents with knowledge about their child’s IEP is not just a step; it’s the transformative leap towards creating a brighter educational future for our children.”

Markeisha Hall, M.A.


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